NanoTemper Technologies teams up with PharmAI to help researchers spot game-changing drug candidates from millions of possibilities

March 23, 2021 NanoTemper Technologies

NanoTemper Technologies and PharmAI combine competencies to develop biophysical tools that remove costly and time-consuming guesswork from large datasets.


MUNICH, Germany, 24 March 2021 — NanoTemper Technologies announced a partnership with PharmAI, the Dresden-based start-up that specializes in virtual screening software. Together, they will zero in on one of the biggest roadblocks to quick drug development: Researchers have to comb through large amounts of data to find the right drug candidates. This process is an innovation killer, making it difficult for small laboratories to do drug research and even discouraging large pharmaceutical companies from going after rare diseases.


“Researchers do not want to spend a lot of time dealing with measurements. They want to gain new knowledge and use it in their work,”
said Dr. Joachim Haupt, CEO of PharmAI.


“Our software makes helpful predictions about drug candidates and reduces millions of possibilities to a manageable size. NanoTemper’s instruments and software are able to validate these predictions so that researchers can proceed directly with the results.”

In the upcoming months, both companies will combine their technologies to develop a new generation of tools. NanoTemper’s biophysical instruments apply different optical measuring methods to molecules, allowing researchers to gain important information about their target’s size, stability, and bioactive potential. With the help of artificial intelligence from PharmAI’s DiscoveryEngine software, identifying relevant drug candidates in large databases will be possible.


“Getting life-saving drugs and therapies to market is more important than ever. To quickly make huge leaps in research, the focus of these new drug development tools will be on reliability and ease-of-use so that as many people as possible are using them,”
said Philipp Baaske, Co-CEO of NanoTemper.


“By working together with PharmAI, we’re able to focus our products on what researchers need to succeed in their work.”


About NanoTemper Technologies

Our mission at NanoTemper Technologies is to enable everyone to do science that matters by always pushing the limits. We’re focused on making tools that address challenging characterizations for use in drug discovery and basic science research. Working with scientists striving to make a difference in the world gets us excited. If you’re facing challenges with affinity screening, molecular interactions, protein stability, or protein quality, let’s talk.

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About PharmAI

PharmAI’s mission is to make early-stage drug discovery far more efficient by increasing success rates while reducing costs. The company develops groundbreaking AI-powered software for the analysis of 3D protein structures. This technology helps drastically shorten the timeline for discovery of new therapeutic molecules. PharmAI was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Dresden University of Technology.

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