NanoTemper brings Spectral Shift technology to the protein production market with Andromeda X, enabling biopharma and CROs

May 6, 2024 NanoTemper Technologies

Image of the Andromeda X instrument with text: 'Introducing Andromeda X - Made for protein expression. Built for momentum.' The machine has a blue and silver design against a blue background.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NanoTemper Technologies, well known for creating biophysical tools that accelerate the work of drug discovery researchers, brings their groundbreaking Spectral Shift technology to the protein production market with the release of Andromeda X, an instrument that determines optimal expression alongside thermal stability of recombinant proteins in crude lysates. Andromeda X increases the efficiency of protein production teams at Biopharma and CROs, who now have the ability to optimize purification schemes for challenging, low-yield targets much faster, and with unprecedented insights on thermal stability during expression screening.


“At NanoTemper, our vision of creating a world where every disease is treatable starts here, in early drug development. Without high-quality drug targets or protein therapeutics, researchers cannot realize this vision. So, we’ve adapted our reliable and trusted optics systems to provide valuable insights for those working to express and purify these critical targets,” says Dr. Philipp Baaske, co-CEO of NanoTemper.


Dr. Amit Gupta, Head of Product Management at NanoTemper, adds, “Andromeda X incorporates our Spectral Shift optics, which are precision engineered to be sensitive enough to reveal expression levels and stability characterization from small batch crude lysates before teams commit to a purification scheme. Andromeda X gives expression insights in less time than traditional SDS-PAGE gels and provides additional information on the foldedness and functionality of the recombinant proteins.”


With Andromeda X, protein production teams can now hand over high-quality recombinant proteins faster and save themselves the trouble of re-screening or chasing unpromising leads by assessing the stability of proteins early on. Andromeda provides all of the valuable information needed to help them quickly and efficiently select for conditions that result in expression of quality proteins.


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About NanoTemper Technologies

At NanoTemper, our vision is to help create a world where every disease is treatable. For us, that starts by equipping scientists with reliable biophysical tools that bring them the clarity, confidence, and momentum they need to discover and develop future therapies, even difficult ones. Because the path to a disease-free world requires courage, big thinking, and collaboration, we’ll continue to create innovative products that meet the needs of our customers as they face new and difficult challenges.



John Valdez, Director of Marketing


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