NanoTemper and SIRION Biotech support Adrian Bleninger’s bid for round-the-world sailing race, the Vendée Globe

May 14, 2021 NanoTemper Technologies

Adrian Bleninger sailor

NanoTemper Technologies and SIRION Biotech, two of Munich’s rapidly growing biotech companies, are lending their support to Adrian Bleninger, a 30-year-old Bavarian sailor, in his bid to qualify for the Vendée Globe, a solo round-the-world yacht race.

Adrian, NanoTemper, and SIRION Biotech have a common goal: improve lives with technology. Both NanoTemper and SIRION Biotech bring their advanced technologies to the world’s top pharmaceutical and academic researchers who develop next-generation therapies. For Adrian, the race is not just about human performance and resilience, it is also about pushing new technologies to the limits. He will build his state-of-the-art boat with recyclable and resource-friendly materials, reducing the environmental impact of boat building. And, he plans to raise awareness of the poor state of the ocean through his Happy Ocean Project.

With a successful campaign for Vendée Globe, Adrian could be the second German national ever. He would also represent Bavaria and Germany as one of the world’s leading technology hubs. Adrian not only looks forward to carrying that distinction, but he’s also ready for the challenge of a race where competitors spend around 80 days alone at sea. He developed professionally into a boat builder on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. When he is not ferrying yachts between continents, he takes part in world-renowned sailing regattas.

NanoTemper and SIRION Biotech invite other Bavarian and German technology companies to join them in supporting Adrian Bleninger’s bid. The support provides visibility across a broad range of media in a race that challenges today’s technology and human limitations.

Learn how you can support Adrian.

About NanoTemper

NanoTemper’s mission is to enable everyone to do science that matters by always pushing the limits. Founded in 2008, NanoTemper is focused on making tools that address challenging characterizations for use in drug discovery and basic science research — especially for researchers facing challenges with affinity screening, molecular interactions, protein stability, and protein quality. The company now has over 150 employees in 13 countries.

About SIRION Biotech

SIRION Biotech started business in 2007, and is a leading commercial supplier of advanced viral vector technologies (AAV, LV, AV) and transduction reagents to academic and commercial partners all over the world. A commitment to research combined with intimate knowledge of viral vectors enables SIRION Biotech to engineer new generations of optimized vectors for use in gene and cell therapy. The company has locations in Munich, Boston, and Paris, and employs more than 45 people worldwide.

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