6 protein degradation conferences in 2021 you can’t afford to miss

February 25, 2021 NanoTemper Technologies

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Update: See what 2022 conferences you should watch for

Conferences in 2021 will gather scientists and experts eager to discuss new discoveries in the emerging field of targeted protein degradation (TPD). Many transcription factors, scaffold proteins, and other non-enzymatic proteins relevant to diseases have been considered “undruggable” due to limitations in traditional inhibitor-based drug targeting strategies. TPD is a promising approach that overcomes these limitations by harnessing protein turnover pathways, including the ubiquitin-proteasome and autophagy-lysosome systems. By selectively degrading pathogenic proteins, approaches such as proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACs), molecular glues, and other small molecules have the potential to become new blockbuster drugs in disease areas ranging from cancer to neurodegeneration.

Here are some protein degradation events you may consider adding to your calendar.


1. Targeted Protein Degradation Europe Summit

March 16-18, Virtual

The subject of this year’s TPD Europe is the successful discovery of novel ligases and optimization of drug-like properties for advancing orally bioavailable protein degraders in oncology and beyond. The three-day virtual event will bring together leading biopharmaceutical and academic organizations across Europe, including experts from Max Planck Institute, CeMM Research Centre for Molecular Medicine, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, and more.


2. European Protein Degradation Congress

September 22-23, Basel, Switzerland (could turn into a virtual event)

Now entering its third year, the European Protein Degradation Congress gathers academic, biotech, and pharma experts to discuss obstacles and solutions to producing high-quality in vitro and in vivo data. The upcoming conference will focus on the latest discoveries centered on the ubiquitin pathway, E3 ligases, PROTACs, and molecular glues.


3. Targeted Protein Degradation Summit

October, To Be Decided

The 2020 TPD Summit drew over 470 attendees, 60 speakers, and 50 new case studies. Some key highlights include new insights on tissue- and cell-specific degradation strategies, mechanisms of resistance of protein degraders, and overcoming hurdles in advanced phase translation and clinical development. TPD Summit seeks to provide a comprehensive and definitive guide in the development of blockbuster therapeutic approaches that improve patient outcomes. Sign up now to show your interest in this year’s event.


Check out these conferences with a dedicated track for targeted protein degradation:


4. Drug Discovery Chemistry – Ubiquitin-Induced Targeted Protein Degradation Track

May 18-19, Virtual

The focus of this 4th annual conference by Cambridge Healthtech Institute is on optimizing PROTACs and small molecule protein degraders for pursuing undruggable targets. The two-day virtual meeting will bring together experts to discuss important issues underlying targeted protein degradation for therapeutic intervention. The first day’s talks will center on designing and optimizing protein degraders, followed by talks on characterizing mechanisms of action on the second day.


5. Discovery on Target – PROTACs and Targeted Protein Degradation Track

September 27-30, Boston, USA

While this year’s event is still in the planning phase, last year’s two-day event concentrated on the latest findings in the identification of various ligases, chaperone proteins, deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs), and proteins that can be modulated to harness protein degradation for therapy. New tools and assays for degradation pathways were discussed on the first day, followed by presentations on novel ligases and chaperones for degradation on the second day.


6. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Webinar Series


This is not a conference, but it can feel like attending one if you decide to watch a few videos in one sitting. This series dedicated to protein degradation started in 2020 and has already featured top researchers from academia and industry. Past videos are hosted on their YouTube channel for a limited time.

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