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Using PR.Stability analysis software to quickly and confidently identify the conditions that impact the stability of your protein

Analyzing large amounts of experimental data is as big a bottleneck in your workflow as running the experiments themselves. Struggling through manual manipulation of data or complex third-party software in order to draw conclusions can result in wasted time and an uneasiness in the accuracy of the results.

Silvia Würtenberger, Prometheus Product Manager will introduce the new PR.Stability Analysis software that makes characterization of your protein stability data a breeze. Examine the results from a single experiment or merge replicates from multiple experimental runs to quickly see what factors are influencing your protein’s stability. The software is easy to use and offers flexible viewing parameters to conveniently identify any trends or changes when characterizing the stability of your protein.

In this webinar, she’ll cover:

  • Basic fundamentals and features of the software
  • Examples of merged replicate data analysis
  • Tips on advanced features such as tailoring views and examining results in greater detail
  • Batch exporting either large or small data sets that can be customized to suit your needs
  • Standardizing and saving your settings for analysis, export and future data referencing

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