Accelerating Protein Purification by Using Thermal Unfolding as a Guiding Tool

Cellular expression and purification of proteins are among the most widely used techniques in biology. Expressing proteins in stable, properly-folded states is a challenge that may be abated by monitoring protein quality during purification. Generating thermal unfolding profiles on the Tycho system is a fast way to monitor complex protein purification processes. It also serves as a quality control method for identifying batch-to-batch variation in sample preparations. In this webinar, Tom Cottle will share how he uses Tycho to monitor thermal protein unfolding to quickly assess sample quality. He will share examples of optimized purification procedures that save time, sample, and effort, to achieve favorable X-ray crystallography results. Additionally, we will hear from Peter Fung about the values and benefits of using Tycho to quickly check protein quality using only a tiny amount of sample.
Topics to be covered:
• Improving protein purification workflows with Tycho
• Evaluating functionality of a protein with a label-free thermal shift analysis
• Gaining a better understanding of protein quality with Tycho

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When protein quality matters.
When protein quality matters.

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