Virtual Monolith X Demo: Free-in-solution affinity measurements with minimal sample consumption​

April 15, 2024

The tool you choose to measure affinities should tackle a diverse range of targets and ligands that come your way — such as GPCRs, IDPs, or cancer-related proteins. And, you should get data that helps you make educated decisions, faster. This is where the Monolith X instrument stands out— as the only way to get binding affinities free in-solution.

Watch this 15-minute walkthrough of Monolith X to see how its user-friendly interface, software, and data analysis makes it quick and easy for anyone in your lab to get started and make decisions. In this quick instrument tour of Monolith X for binding affinity measurements, you’ll experience:

- How Monolith X works — an instrument tour, highlighting sample loading, software, and data analysis

- How quick and easy it is for you to get started, with approachable assay development and software to guide you through the assay optimization process

- How to find a Kd in minutes, using in-solution measurements that avoid the pitfalls of immobilizing your target of interest

- Why the immobilization-free aspect of measuring binding affinity with Monolith X allows you to use minimal sample to measure interactions between proteins, small molecules, RNA/DNA in a wide variety of buffer conditions – even in cell lysates

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