Screening for p38 ligands: From assay optimization to lead validation in 2 days

Dianthus is a biophysical screening instrument that uses Spectral Shift technology to measure molecular interactions for hit ID, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization. It offers a 384-well plate format and can be readily integrated into any automation solutions — from robotic pipeters to plate feeders.

In this 13-minute video, Application Scientist Jan Schnatwinkel presents a case study that used Dianthus to screen a small molecule library — from single-dose to lead validation — in a fully automated setup.

Here’s what Jan shares in this video:

  • The detailed 2-day project timeline
  • The experimental setup, which includes checking for target quality control and measurement of the positive control binding affinity
  • A brief walkthrough of the software where you can appreciate how the results are presented, how to interpret the results, and the export options

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