NanoTemper Technologies arms gene therapy scientists with Static Light Scattering to sharpen their tool kit for development of AAVs

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Prometheus Panta

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif Feb 16 2022 — NanoTemper Technologies today announced the addition of Static Light Scattering (SLS) to their wildly successful Prometheus Panta, turning their instrument best known for being the new gold standard in protein stability characterization for biologics into a tool that will uplevel the tool kit for any AAV-focused gene therapy scientist.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on the needs of gene therapy researchers for years,” stated CEO Philipp Baaske. “There’s a limited amount of AAV sample available, and they’re faced with having to take what feels like an impossible number of measurements to ensure they select the best vectors. And it was important to us to address this.”

Prometheus Panta with SLS allows scientists to characterize their AAV vectors – whether it be serotyping, formulation, or capsid filling and leaking – with very little sample. “We already have a number of customers who have found success with Prometheus Panta in the gene therapy field,“ points out Charles Heffern, Product Manager. “They love the reliability of the instrument, easy operation by any technician, and the high-quality results that have been proven time and time again.”


About NanoTemper Technologies

Our mission at NanoTemper Technologies is to create biophysical tools for scientists in drug discovery and development who need to tackle challenging characterizations. Working with scientists striving to make a difference in the world gets us excited. If you’re facing challenges with affinity screening, molecular interactions, protein stability, protein expression, or protein quality, let’s talk.



John Valdez, Director of Marketing

Use stability profiling to build more effective gene therapy vectors with Prometheus Panta
Use stability profiling to build more effective gene therapy vectors with Prometheus Panta

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