NanoTemper Technologies launches DLS capability with Prometheus Panta, bringing high-resolution, domain-specific stability characterization

September 23, 2020 NanoTemper Technologies

Prometheus Panta front view instrument image with blue triangle in background


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 24, 2020 – NanoTemper Technologies, well-known for creating tools that address challenging characterizations, today introduced Prometheus Panta, a multi-parameter stability characterization instrument. By combining DLS for particle size determination with nanoDSF for thermal unfolding and backreflection for aggregation, researchers in biologics formulation optimization, developability, or comparability assessments will find that Prometheus Panta offers superior characterization of their candidate molecules.

“Inevitably, researchers will come across candidate molecules that present challenges. Here’s where Prometheus Panta shines, offering a solution they can rely on for clear, trustworthy, and high-resolution data for colloidal and conformational stability,”
said Philipp Baaske, Co-CEO of NanoTemper.

Having the right technology really matters when researchers need to detect small differences or subtleties in unfolding events. Missing these details means handing over subpar candidates to teams working downstream — a costly mistake for drug pipelines.

“For the first time, researchers are able to correlate particle sizing, thermal unfolding and aggregation results collected throughout an entire thermal ramp,”
comments Charles Heffern, Product Manager at NanoTemper.

“This gives them a completely new perspective about stability attributes at the domain level that they would’ve otherwise missed.” Getting clear answers to questions — Which domains have a tendency to aggregate and at what temperature does this happen? Is the increase in particle size at a certain temperature due to an unfolding event for a particular domain? — are now possible.

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