Conversation: How Aaron Frimel from Thermo Fisher Scientific approaches biologics formulation

November 28, 2023

Once a suitable biologic candidate is selected from a library, it must be formulated to remain stable and active for scale-up and manufacture.

Whether your group does both discovery and formulations or if you’re only involved in one part of the process, stability optimization is a critical consideration for developing clinically viable therapeutics.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, the task of finding optimal formulations falls to Aaron Frimel, who works in the ​​analytical and formulation sciences. There, his team works with many discovery scientists to help their teams find conditions that promote stability in their therapeutic candidates or identify stability trends. To do this, he turns to the multi-parameter data provided by the Prometheus Panta, which informs on multiple aspects of protein therapeutic stability.

Join this exciting conversation to gain insight into how the Analytical and Formulation Sciences team at Thermo Fisher Scientific approaches stability assessment, and how the Prometheus Panta helps them with their decision-making. You’ll hear from an industry expert on the many factors – from scientific to business development – that go into formulation development.

You'll learn about:

  • Aaron and his group – 01:02
  • Analytical strategies at Thermo Fisher – 04:47
  • Formulation screening workflows – 11:10
  • Aaron's take on market trends like machine learning and DOEs – 22:11
  • Career tips for junior scientists – 25:33

The conversation was followed by a live Q&A session with the audience that starts at 27:27.

To discover Prometheus Panta, an instrument that provides high-resolution multi-parameter stability data for biologics, watch this webinar.

Do you have further questions about the Prometheus Panta and how it supports your research? Contact specialist

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