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Introducing Tycho NT.6 | 3 minutes will change everything

Know protein quality first and stop doing unnecessary experiments. Wonder why you’re having trouble reproducing your own results even though you followed that trusted protocol? Finding out the quality of your protein up front will help you figure out if it’s functional, similar to the previous batch you made, or properly stored. Move forward with the right sample, and save yourself from doing those facepalm-have-to-repeat-it-again experiments. Tycho™ NT.6 quickly identifies the quality of any protein sample in 3 minutes using only microliters of material. Make your purification and characterization workflows more efficient, and stop doing those unnecessary experiments. Visit https://nanotempertech.com/tycho/ for more information.
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See why OncoArendi therapeutics chose Monolith MST for measuring binding affinities
See why OncoArendi therapeutics chose Monolith MST for measuring binding affinities

3 reasons OncoArendi Therapeutics chose Monolith MST for measuring binding affinities: 1. They needed a too...

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