Use stability profiling to build more effective gene therapy vectors with Prometheus Panta

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Get the information you need to profile your gene therapy vectors Prometheus Panta utilizes 4 different technologies — nanoDSF to create thermal profiles of your vectors, DLS to assess their purity and assembly, SLS for determining genetic fill, and backreflection for monitoring aggregation. Each one tells a different piece of the story about your vector's behavior. But they have one thing in common — they're all label-free. Serotyping Thermal profiling with nanoDSF allows you to confirm batch-to-batch similarity in your AAV production scheme. Also, see how production changes affect the overall thermal stability of your preparations. Vector stability enhancement DLS shows you how clean your preparations are, so that you are confident you're working with high-quality product. Insufficient clean-up processes can lead to unwanted byproducts that lead to lowered efficacy of your gene therapy products. Capsid assembly and packaging SLS determines the molecular weight of your particles to ensure they have assembled correctly. Proper assembly of your AAVs is necessary for packaging your gene therapy products. Genetic fill Both nanoDSF and SLS are tools to monitor the amount of genetic material a vector carries. Creating the perfect therapeutic vector requires you to not only optimize its capsid, but also determine if it has the necessary genetic payload. Storage and quality control Prometheus Panta allows you to compare your preps throughout every step of the workflow, and ensure you're working with a high-quality, stable product. Storage conditions have an impact on the efficacy of your gene therapy vectors. Formulation Find which formulation conditions provide the best stability for your vectors with nanoDSF and backreflection. Changes to the buffer or stabilizing mutations in viral particle proteins affect how long your products last in cold storage and how efficiently they deliver their genetic payload.

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