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The unmatched resolution due to the high density of data points is very beneficial for antibody engineering projects. Multiple transitions can be identified and determined with high accuracy and reproducibility. Dr. Thomas Schubert, 2bind GmbH Look at conformational and colloidal stability simultaneously in the most precise way possible. Test different buffer formulations with varying pH, salts, ions, or detergents that influence stability Detect subtle unfolding transitions to pinpoint slight differences between antibody candidates Identify the storage and formulation conditions that cause aggregation and impact stability THERMAL UNFOLDING AGGREGATION Conformational stability doesn't always correlate with colloidal stability. Here, the lowest pH destabilizes the mAb, yet reduces it's propensity to aggregate. Conversely, the highest pH stabilizes the mAb, but causes an increase in the level of aggregation. Therefore, selecting a pH between the two extremes may be the better formulation compromise to use. Optimize antibody developability using Prometheus, the new gold standard for characterizing antibody stability

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