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How to start your lab

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2 Succeed in starting a lab with advice to help you anticipate the challenges The transition from being a postdoc to principal investigator (PI) and head of your own lab can be the most challenging step in an academic research career. Gone are the days of being intensely focused on your research. Now you're bombarded with new responsibilities like being a teacher, recruiter, financial administrator, adviser and writer. On top of everything, you're trying to do what you thought you were hired to do: start your own research lab. No one prepared you for this! For most young faculty, the biggest problem during this overwhelming transition is the lack of guidance and career support. But what if you were given helpful advice ahead of time? What if those who had gone through this process shared what they learned so you could be better prepared? This eBook is the result of interviews with eight PIs from around the world who describe their experiences, obstacles and lessons learned from starting a lab. We hope their advice helps you—whether you're a senior postdoc, new PI or researcher—anticipate the challenges you may face if you're embarking on this journey. About this eBook

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