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Easily characterize binding interactions, measure stability, and evaluate the quality of your plant proteins In my department, we use the Prometheus and Monolith from NanoTemper Technologies to characterize protein-protein, protein-metabolite and protein-DNA interactions. We work mainly with plant proteins but also with yeast and bacterial proteins. As both technologies require relatively low protein concentration, pose no restrictions on buffer conditions and they circumvent the need of protein immobilization, they are perfectly suited for our experimental needs. Professor Lothar Willmitzer Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology NanoTemper's tools give you the ability to analyze proteins directly in lysate in any buffer using only a tiny amount of sample Whether you're working on applications ranging from basic science to more applied areas of research, NanoTemper has the right tools to help you. Study plant science > Investigate signalling cascades and gene regulation in plant development, growth and disease defense > Study plant-soil or plant-microbe interactions > Look at uptake of nutrients Analyze proteins expressed in plants > Optimize expression conditions > Test protein stability and integrity > Study protein activity in plant lysate > Screen for optimal plant-expressed vaccine or antibody formulations > Investigate therapeutic effects of plant proteins Investigate plant disease > Study plant-pathogen interactions > Screen potential compounds against diverse plant pathogens

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