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Software that's just right Get intuitive so ware options to program, measure and analyze data from your Prometheus experiments It's so difficult to find so ware for a system that's easy to use while also providing flexible measurement options. Prometheus uses PR.ThermControl, PR.ChemControl or PR.TimeControl so ware, all of which guide you step-by-step through each experiment making assay setup a painless process. When you're looking to compare runs and merge replicates to see if your results are statistically relevant, use PR.Stability Analysis so ware to help you draw more precise conclusions. • Get precise measurements for T m , T agg , T onset , ΔG and C m • Monitor aggregation propensity • Make better decisions by getting to clearer conclusions faster PR.ThermControl Precisely determine at which temperature 50% of your protein unfolds (T m ) and when aggregation begins (T agg ). Assay setup is only 3 steps. Tailor the heating ramp rate for your experimental needs. Get results that are automatically generated and color coded to help you clearly visualize the data. PR.ChemControl Evaluate the energetics of chemical unfolding that can influence the stability of your protein. In 40 seconds, get data on the energetics of folding (ΔG) and the denaturant concentration at which 50% of the protein is unfolded (C m ). PR.TimeControl Subject your protein to customized thermal treatments to get more info on it's unfolding and refolding rates. Choose between isothermal measurements, incremental temperature cycling or temperature stepping for advanced protein stability measurements. PR.Stability Analysis Automatically merge replicates and quickly visualize and identify key thermal or chemical unfolding trends of your proteins. Combine multiple experimental runs and compare your samples with references that you define. Create and save custom templates that analyze and plot important parameters you want to view. Easily export the results in a format that's ready for presentations, publications or reporting in your notebook.

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