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Equipment buyers checklist

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Buyer's Checklist Step 1: Explore your research needs • What challenge(s) am I facing? • Is there a solution available? Step 2: Explore available solutions • Does the solution solve my challenge(s)? » What are the benefits of the solution? Does that fit what I need now, in the near future, later? • What types of solutions are available? » Am I getting the instrument only, the instrument and so ware, or the instrument, so ware and consumables? » Is support included? » Is service included? • What is important to consider when selecting a solution? » Is the instrument user-friendly? » Is the so ware user-friendly? » Are the consumables complicated to use? » How easy is it to collect data? » Does the instrument have a small footprint? » Does it require training to operate? » What types of upgrades are available? » Does it have the throughput I need? Step 3: Evaluate vendors • Look at their credibility in the research community • Are there many publications that use this solution? How recent are they, and are they in relevant journals that promote high-quality research? • Who or which labs have their instrument? • What do felllow researchers recommend? • How long has the company been around? • How many customers do they have? • Are they global? • What kind of support do they offer? • Am I served by a local representative? Step 4: Make an informed decision • Compare the different technologies side-by-side • Narrow to a few choices • Ask a sales rep questions • Ask for a demo • Verify the solution fits the need Step 5: Purchase the technology • How much will it cost? • What's included in the cost? • How am I going to pay for it? • Who is responsible in the buying decision? • Will others be using the technology? • What information do they need to know? Here are questions to ask as you're going through the buying process. nanotempertech.com

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