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Top signs it's time to buy new research equipment for your lab

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If any of the scenarios below are all too familiar to you, you're ready for something new! But how will you discover what instruments are available? There are a few ways: Word of mouth. This is the most popular way to determine what other successful scientists are doing. Ask colleagues and peers at other institutions what they see as the best technology in the field. What are they using? What do the top institutions have in their labs? Scope out the literature. Be on top of the literature in your field and look through the methods section of the most cutting-edge papers. Find out if they used new equipment or are using techniques in a slightly different way. Collaborate with vendors. There are opportunities to work closely with vendors. You may have the expertise working with a certain sample type or technique, and your feedback may help vendors develop or improve their products. You get access to brand-new equipment that no one else has yet. Everyone wins. If you don't have access to the right technology, you won't be the leading scientist. Don't let your research be hindered by not having the tools you need to perform your work. Upgrading your equipment can drastically change the outlook for your entire lab. Are you ready to purchase new lab equipment? Download our buyer's checklist to help you complete each step.

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