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Top signs it's time to buy new research equipment for your lab

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nanotempertech.com It can be frustrating to work with technology that is constantly breaking down or runs too slowly. If your lab equipment is no longer reliable or consistent because of its age, it may be time to put it out to pasture. Once you replace it, don't throw it away – there are always other labs that would be grateful for a donation of used equipment. If the piece of equipment is damaged or no longer meets safety standards, stop using it immediately and contact the original manufacturer to find out how to dispose of it properly. Here are some sites that help you donate lab equipment you no longer need: • Seeding Labs: www.seedinglabs.org • Rheaply: www.rheaply.com • U.S. Department of Energy: www.osti.gov/ledp • LabX: www.labx.com/donation Reason #5 Giving energy hogs the boot Speaking of older equipment, another reason to replace instrumentation is to reduce your lab's environmental footprint, which carries financial benefits as well. Some larger, more involved instruments are expensive to run because they consume a lot of energy. Newer technologies are made to be more efficient and require smaller amounts of sample, sometimes even saving you steps in your research. Some companies are even using less packaging for consumables. Doing more with less will help you save money. Whether or not your organization incentivizes "green" practices, embrace new equipment that is power-efficient and consumables that won't generate unneeded landfill waste or pollute the environment. Why? Because we're all responsible citizens of the Earth. Leading scientists need the right tools Performing cutting-edge research requires the most advanced tools and technologies. Laboratories are filled with essential equipment that make a scientist's work faster, easier, and in many cases, possible. Because the best quality data matters in publishing journal articles, a scientist's success hinges on having access to lab instruments that can answer their research questions. Like many other forms of technology, scientific equipment needs to be upgraded on a relatively regular basis. With restrictive budgets and costly new equipment, these decisions must be based on a compelling argument for return-on-investment. Here are seven reasons that you can cite to get your lab the latest and greatest devices. Reason #7 Moving on up! It's no secret that labs are usually tight on space. But let's say your lab space is renovated and you suddenly have more room. Wouldn't that be the perfect time to get new equipment that you've had your eye on? Or what if your lab expands and your space gets bigger to accommodate more personnel? You would need to obtain new lab equipment accordingly so everyone has access to tools to be productive. Your lab's growth can be a great reason to equip it with the best tools and technologies that can be used by the expanded team. Reason #6 If it's broke, don't fix it Aging equipment presents a number of problems. If it breaks down frequently, you're likely spending money to get it fixed and experiencing a lot of downtime. If its speed is lackluster and experiment turnaround time is slow, you could be dealing with a bottleneck in your workflow.

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