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Validation of protein complex functionality with Tycho NT.6

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TECHNICAL NOTE Validation of protein complex functionality with Tycho NT.6 Kilian Knoll 1 , Beate Kern 2 , Dennis Breitsprecher 2 and Gregor Witte 1 1 Gene Center and Department of Biochemistry, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Feodor-Lynen-Strasse 25, 81377 Munich, Germany 2 NanoTemper Technologies GmbH, Floessergasse 4, 81369 Munich Abstract Macromolecular protein complexes are known to have key regulatory roles that are linked to most biological processes. Maximizing expression, efficient purification and deciphering the functional role of complexes and their components are main objectives for researchers working with proteins. Of equal importance but o en overlooked is monitoring the quality of a protein preparation particularly as it relates to the protein's functionality. By having more insights into the quality of a protein sample, researchers can be more succesful and efficient in their experimental setup and planning. The Tycho NT.6 system quickly analyzes protein samples and provides detailed information on their folded state. The system analyzes low microliter amounts of material collected directly from a column purification without having to dilute or dialyze the sample. Functionality of the material can be easily tested and results generated in three minutes, removing the guesswork out of analyzing protein complexes. Introduction The low-hanging fruits have all been picked! The proteins that are the focus of today's research have quite little in common with the well-behaved globular proteins that were studied in the 20 th century. Transmembrane proteins, large macromolecular complexes and unconventional antibody variants are a primary focus of researchers as they represent important classes of proteins that have key biological roles. Purification and storage of these varied types of proteins can be challenging and o en require researchers to routinely prepare fresh material

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