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The why, what and when of binding affinity

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4 On the industry side of the research spectrum, binding affinity is a useful metric during the earliest parts of the drug development process when scientists are screening for any compounds that interact with their target of interest. Beginning with a large library of compounds or ligands, industry scientists begin the screening process by identifying which ones bind to the target protein, and then continue with an increasingly smaller pool of compound candidates. A er they complete much of their pre-clinical work, researchers may measure binding affinity to determine and rank various compounds' binding affinities for the target protein as an indicator of potency of a possible drug candidate. QUALITY COUNTS When it comes to measuring binding affinity, or performing any other experiment, for that matter, the quality of your results will depend on the quality of the source material. If you don't have any data on the quality of your source material, the experiment is less likely to succeed.

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